Art and DT

Art Ambition:

At Buckton Fields Primary School, it is our aim that by the time every child leaves primary school they feel as if they have found an area of visual art that is relevant and engaging for that – that might be through drawing, making, designing or talking about art.

To achieve this it’s important that we create as many different kinds of opportunities as possible so that each child can find the technique which helps them to best express themselves and their art creations. That means covering lots of different disciplines, techniques, materials and approaches.

As a result, Art is celebrated and shared within our school through displays, individual artwork and sketch books. Furthermore, our children have opportunities to enjoy projects with an artist-in-residence alongside other bespoke experiences which are both inspiring and memorable as we intend for our children to understand the positive impact art can have on people and the community.


Art Implementation:

Art is implanted within each year groups curriculum and focuses on progressve skills required to develop as an artist. Each year group will cover five key areas across the year:

  • Drawing and Sketchbooks
  • Print, Colour and Collage
  • Working in Three Dimensions
  • Paint, Surface and Texture
  • Collaboration and Community

Each element of the curriculum has a progressive set of skills and knowledge that can be selected to enhance and support their learning in their wider curriculum. Staff track and monitor the progress their class makes through each artistic skill, to ensure that the children’s artistic abilities progress year-on—year. A progressive skill based curriculum also enables staff to further challenge or support children where necessary to ensure all children have the personal learning journeys that encourage their best artistic outcomes. In addition, through our curriculum children learn about the work and techniques of famous Artists across the world and celebrate this within their own masterpieces.


Art Impact:

Our Art curriculum gives children at Buckton Fields the creative edge by immersing them in an environment that emphasises the importance of the arts and its positive impact it can have on people and the community. Our children’s confidence to be creative is encouraged through experiences that are beyond the norm and their exceptional outcomes are demonstrated throughout our creative, art-rich environment.