Early Years Curriculum

Our Ambition

Our Early Years curriculum will provide children with an exceptional foundation by fully immersing them in creative, engaging and explorative learning experiences to foster a lifelong love of learning. Our themed curriculum will encourage children to problem solve, experiment and take an active role in their learning, which aims to create well-rounded, resilient learners. We will promote a love of the outdoors, taking advantage of the green spaces and countryside around the school to enrich children’s curriculum opportunities.


Our Implementation

In the Preston Hedge’s Academy Trust, the children’s unique learning opportunities are centred around a theme that form our rich curriculum, providing a range of indoor and outdoor opportunities for children to develop physically, academically and mentally, building on children’s understanding and knowledge.

Reading and phonics is a central part of EYFS, with daily phonics sessions, individual reading and class story time. The classroom environment, both indoors and outdoors are both rich in language to provide a breadth of understanding and to help widen children’s vocabulary. Our children and families will also have access to reading bird boxes, where they can swap reading books as frequently as they wish. We believe that exposing children to a variety of books provides children with opportunities for discussions and wonder, creating a love of reading from an early age.

Literacy and Maths lessons are embedded into our creative curriculum, providing exceptional experiences to consolidate children’s learning. Key learning opportunities are planned into all areas of our setting, both indoors and outdoors to form a strong foundation of early number, shape knowledge and literacy. Children have independent access to resources in our Literacy and Maths huts outside or inside to support their learning, while allowing them to become independent and central to their own learning.

The outdoors forms the basis of the curriculum with regular outdoor learning sessions, using the exceptional environment around our school, enriching the children’s experiences outside and providing opportunities for risk taking, investigative and exploration opportunities.

We have have consistent high expectations of all children in EYFS to ensure they achieve their full potential and are challenged appropriately. To enhance learning opportunities, the children have access to a themed environment indoors and outside through our role play area, mud kitchen and construction area, which provides exploration for sustained periods of time with or without adult support.



Our Impact

We intend that our approach leads to happy children, with a love for learning and school and families that feel at the heart of their school community. We truly believe that this will be the case at  Buckton Fields Primary School.