PE Ambition

Our Trust philosophy of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’ is embedded fully in our PE curriculum. Our overall intent is to provide every child with emotional, physical and critical thinking skills to enable them to achieve success and joy in PE and sports as they grow. Our PE curriculum enhances opportunities for our children and provides experience of a wide range of sports such as trampolining, zumba, yoga and karate.  Throughout the year we offer a range of PE celebration days provided by specialist coaches like football, golf and tennis.

PE is embedded in and out of school with a range of extra-curricular clubs that are offered before and after school. Where a range of sports are on offer, there is truly something for everyone, helping to encourage a love for sports and staying healthy. Our aim is to provide exceptional opportunities for our children to encourage a fun and positive attitude towards sports

PE Implementation


From the start of their journey at school, children are encouraged to stay active and have an indoor and outdoor P.E  lesson weekly, following a curriculum, which is fully aligned with the National Curriculum. Alongside the fundamental skills, the curriculum promotes resilience, communication, teamwork and respect. It places the child at the heart of each lesson with the goal of ensuring that each child feels included, challenged and supported.

Right from Early Years our P.E lessons are tailored to support the development of our schools’ values, helping to promote confidence, resilience and independence to lead a healthy and active lifestyle that enhances their personal development. Moving into KS1 there is a focus on the development of fundamental movement skills, these include agility, balance, coordination and having healthy competition both for as individuals and with peers. Throughout each lesson objectives are clear and sequenced to ensure a logical progression in attainment as they move forward into KS2.

Our PE curriculum caters for the needs and abilities of all our children, enabling every child to work at a level suitable to their own ability.  Teachers support, stretch and challenge all children to ensure every child achieves their own progress through each year. During our P.E lessons children get the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and compete. Supporting them to gain a better understanding of how they can analyse and improve their personal goals and performance, as well as supporting the performance of their peers.


In addition, through our Trust Competitive Sport competitions, our children are able to demonstrate their skills and teamwork at Trust competitions each year. This adds an element of competitive sports into our curriculum, encourages our children to work together and be respectful athletes and provides an opportunity for our children to compete against their peers at other schools within our Trust.

Our Impact

Providing a rich and varied curriculum that provides our child with a wealth of different opportunities and experiences is at the heart of everything we do at Buckton Fields. We ensure that our children create positive relationships with physical activity for life, whilst developing their understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.