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  • Will the school or education budgets be affected?

    No. The DfE is funding both the temporary measures and longer term reparations, so these comprehensive contingency plans do not impact school budgets and education provision.

  • Can I defer or home school my child until after October half term?

    Schools play an important social role for pupils, alongside that of education. We would always advise parents, where possible, not to defer or home school, but please contact Tracey Coles (Executive Principal) or Sarah Straiton (Principal) directly if you would like to discuss this.

  • What will Buckton Fields’ temporary accommodation be like?

    The temporary accommodation we move into at Buckton after Christmas will be supplied by Portakabin, the largest supplier of temporary buildings in the UK.  Please see below case studies:

    Hellesdon High School

    Munford Nursery

    Priory Fields Primary School

    It will be one unit of a similar size and scale to the current ground floor of Buckton, with a hall large enough to accommodate years R-6, a breakfast and afterschool club area that is significantly larger than our current provision, enough classrooms to accommodate current years, plus two additional intakes, a dedicated library and in Innovation Suite.

    Planned completion is for after Christmas, and further details of the temporary building will be shared as soon as they are available.

  • What will happen to the current school?

    We will wait for the DfE to share the outcome of their extensive inspection works taking place on the school buildings. However unfortunately, whatever the outcome, it is highly likely we will be unable to use the current building at Buckton Fields for a significant period. We forecast this could be for up to two or three years. We will continue to keep parents updated with news and / or outcomes.

  • Will there be a halt in admissions for future years?

    The school will continue with intakes for subsequent years. We will update shortly on opportunities for prospective 2024 pupils to visit the temporary building.

  • How will we stay informed about the temporary building over the coming weeks?

    From the second week of term we will share updates at weekly forums, and answer any questions you may have. Please look out for communications about these.

    In addition, our first Families In Partnership meeting will convene on 26 September at 7pm. This will be a virtual meeting, we will forward a link to parents in due course.

  • Parent Communication
  • Is transport available to take children to Pineham Barns?

    Yes. Buses will transport children to and from Pineham Barns.

    • For Breakfast Club, buses will depart Buckton Fields school grounds at 7:45am.
    • Years 1 and 2 will be collected from Buckton Fields at 8:45am.
    • Reception pupils, whilst transitioning, will be collected from Buckton Fields at 12.30pm.
    • At the end of the school day children will be collected from Pineham Barns at 3.30pm to return to Buckton Fields by around 3.45pm.
    • Those attending After School Club will be collected at 5.45pm to return to Buckton Fields by 6pm.

    The bus has seatbelts and these will be checked by staff before departure. Pupil/ staff ratios will be within legal guidelines (all staff are DBS checked). Having organised many school trips we are experienced in taking children on buses and coaches, staff are trained and accustomed to managing pupils in this environment.

    We ask that parents do not drop off earlier that 10 minutes prior to departure please. There will be a shelter in the car park to accommodate children in poor weather, and this shelter will have toilet access.

  • Can I drop off and pick up directly at Pineham Barns?

    Parents wishing to drop off and pick up directly can of course do so, but to prevent congestion at Pineham Barns, use of the bus is preferable please.

  • How do I explain the new transport situation to my Reception child? How will fears be mitigated during the first few days?

    Reception staff are experienced Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teachers, and will be on hand to help support both parents and children. Staff have also shared a transition document with Reception families to help children understand their journey.

  • My child gets travel sick, what is advice for this?

    Please contact Mrs Straiton or your class teacher for advice and guidance.

  • What is the contingency plan for parents who do not drive if their child is unwell at school?

    If they are slightly poorly at school we will look after them as we always do. If there is an emergency, or your child is sufficiently unwell to need picking up, we will work with you to ensure this can be organised.

  • Can we visit Pineham Barns?

    Pineham will be open for parents and children to visit on Wednesday September 6 from 4pm to 6pm for Reception pupils, and from 6pm to 7pm for Years 1 and 2.

    Pineham Barns website has further details of the school and grounds.

  • What space will be allocated to Buckton Fields pupils at Pineham Barns?

    For the interim period, Buckton children will be based in the following areas:

    • Year 2: breakout classroom area plus a classroom that is currently empty,
    • Year 1: converted DT room plus a partitioned area of one of Pineham’s three halls,
    • Reception: cohorts are split mornings/ afternoons initially, so all children can make full use of Pineham’s excellent Reception facilities. Once full time, temporary classrooms will be in place in the outdoor area, and both sets of Reception children will have separate access to the outside areas.

    All spaces will have interactive whiteboards and pupil tables and chairs. The Buckton Fields team will continue to provide the exact same teaching and learning opportunities for your children, albeit from different buildings.

  • Why has my Reception child’s staggered start time changed from morning to afternoon?

    It would not be safe to welcome both schools’ reception classes at the same time in the existing indoor / outdoor spaces. The Trust unfortunately had to make the decision to move Buckton Fields’ Reception start times. We apologise to parents for the inconvenience.

  • Who will teach my children, will classes remain the same?

    Classes will remain as planned, and the same Buckton Fields teaching staff will be present for your children. Other staff from Buckton will also be based at Pineham Barns, including office staff and the site supervisor.

    The school telephone number will remain the same, as will all email addresses. If you have an emergency please contact Buckton Fields staff / office as usual.

    All elements of the curriculum will remain (including IT and PE) whilst children are based at Pineham Barns, as well as when they return to the new temporary accommodation at Buckton Fields.

  • What is the impact on SEN children?

    With commitment from staff all across the Trust we will support all children during this unsettling time, and support children with their own individual needs as they arise.

  • How will the school support pupil wellbeing?

    Pupil wellbeing will continue to be at the heart of the Buckton Fields curriculum. To that end we will maintain the tailored relationship curriculum, wellbeing assemblies, Wellbeing Wednesdays, and checking in on pupils.

    Buckton’s pastoral lead will continue in her role whilst the children are at Pineham, and pupils will have access to a pastoral room. As always, if we have wellbeing concerns, we will share with you.

  • How will the adjustment for Pineham Barns pupils be managed?

    We will have age appropriate conversations with both sets of children and integrate them where sensible and beneficial, but initially keep them separate with staggered break times and so on. Pineham is rated outstanding for pupil behaviour by Ofsted, and our staff there are confident the older children will embrace welcoming their peers and acting as role models, especially for the Buckton year 2s, for whom having older children in the school environment will be a new experience.

  • Are Breakfast and After School Clubs available?

    Yes, there is provision for Breakfast & After School Clubs at Pineham Barns. Buses will collect children attending clubs from Buckton Fields at 7.45am and return by 6pm.

    If parents wish to change or cancel their club arrangements, please contact Childcare Booking direct. They are aware of the situation.

    Phone:  01444 523335

    Unfortunately, as the logistics are proving too complex, we have taken the difficult decision not to run external clubs for Buckton Fields children whilst they are attending Pineham Barns.

    These clubs will be reinstated as soon as we are back at the Buckton Fields site.

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