DT Ambition

We provide a broad and challenging DT curriculum, designed to inspire children through opportunities to explore related passions and interests. Children are supported to develop problem solving skills whilst imagining, designing and building new and exciting products, in fun lessons that build confidence; as individuals, team members and leaders.

Our approach is underpinned by the Trust’s philosophy of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’;

FUN practical lessons that build confidence
CREATIVITY innovating to solve real-life problems in a variety of contexts
ACHIEVEMENT each project results in a real, physical product that represents the child’s learning journey and all the obstacles and successes they experienced along the way


DT Implementation

The DT curriculum is structured to build knowledge and skills year on year, utilising previously acquired knowledge and skills to support current learning.

Each year group teacher has a clear overview of the skills and knowledge to teach, broken down into the key processes used in DT:

  • Developing, planning and communicating ideas
  • Working with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products
  • Evaluating processes and products

Children are given the opportunity to develop cooking skills and knowledge as part of a vital life skills, health and wellbeing programme.


DT Impact

Through a variety of creative and practical activities built on a foundation of progressive skills and knowledge, our children develop their creativity and innovative thinking. Our curriculum and exceptional experiences provide opportunities for our children to develop passions and interests in the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to design, make and evaluate effectively. We aim for our children to leave primary school equipped with the skills and passion for an ever increasingly technological world and for them to greet it with confidence and enthusiasm.