Values, Equality and Diversity


Our school values are at the heart of everything we do at Buckton Fields Primary School. We aim to nurture well-rounded, respectful and resilient individuals, who have high aspirations of themselves and will make a positive difference to society.



We want our children to be empathic towards others, show kindness and be determined to achieve their potential. Our children will learn about our values in weekly assemblies and staff will refer to them daily. Children will be rewarded for showing our values in school and we encourage you to support our values at home. We have six school values and focus on one each term, our values are:









Equality and Diversity

Throughout our curriculum we learn about and celebrate people’s differences focusing on building positive relationships throughout our community. Our curriculum reflects the diversity of the school within our RE, PSHE and Wider Curriculum areas.

Protected Characteristics and Fundamental British Values – Through assemblies and PSHE, the children learn about equality and the nine Protected Characteristics and the Fundamental (Modern) British Values. Children are articulate in promoting equality and the importance of treating everyone equally and build strategies of how to tackle discrimination and have an understand of why the British Values are important.

Celebration Days – Throughout the year, we celebrate diversity and equality in a variety of different ways. We celebrate religious and cultural festivals including Diwali, Chinese New Year, Black History Month and Pride.

Real-Life Experiences – We enhance our diversity curriculum through the visitors we have in school and the trips our children get to attend. Children have the opportunity to have cultural workshops where they learn about cultures from around the world, including traditional dances. Children will also attend different places of worship, developing an understanding of the different religions within our school community.