The Purpose of the Local Advisory Board (LAB)

The primary focus of the LAB is to promote the best interests of all the children and their families within their school and the wider Trust. They will provide an opportunity to support the ‘uniqueness’ of each school in terms of learning opportunities available, enhancing school wellbeing and a focus on the needs of the local community. The LAB will enhance community engagement through being a collective channel of communication. The focus of enhancing community engagement reflects the Trust’s values and will be particularly important for the growth of the Preston Hedge’s Academy Trust.


Buckton Fields Primary School LAB


Amanda Wilmot – Chair of LAB

I am very pleased to have been appointed as Chair of LAB for this exciting new school in Buckton Fields. Having been a co-opted Governor at Pineham Barns School, also part of the Preston Hedges Academy Trust, since September 2019, I am passionate about the ethos and educational excellence of the Trust schools. I look forward to developing a team to support the role of the school in this unique community.  In my professional life, I work as a Senior Leader in an all-through school, and have worked with teams in the UK, Germany and South Africa on start-up and established projects in both the commercial and education sectors.


Hannah Rogers – Principal

I have been a staff Governor in schools since 2012 and have worked for the Preston Hedges Academy Trust for the last four years as a Senior Leader. I am delighted to be opening Buckton Fields Primary School under the ethos of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’ and I am inspired by the Trust’s aim to provide educational excellence for our school communities.



If you are interested in joining the Buckton Fields Primary School LAB or if you have any questions, please contact the Trust Company Secretary on:


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