Families in Partnership


The primary focus of the Families in Partnership model is to enhance the way the Trust communicates and engages with our school communities. We want parents, carers and members of the local community to be at the heart of or Trust.


  • Each school has its own ‘Families in Partnership group’ made up of the Trustees, the school Principal, elected parents, nominated parents and members of the local community.
  • The elected parent representatives will attend three meetings a year where they will receive updates on developments at the Trust and priorities of the school while having the opportunity to provide feedback and ask any questions.
  • All elected and nominated representatives will adhere to the Nolan Principles of Public Office and safeguarding requirements.
  • Trustees may terminate the appointment of any LAB member (including staff and parent members) whose presence or conduct is deemed not to be in the best interests of the Trust or the school.
  • We would also ask our elected parents to attend where possible key school events, such as Sports Days and Parents’ Evenings
  • As well as elected parents, members will also include figures from the local community and invited parents who may have skills and experience which could benefit the school and wider Trust.
  • The meetings will be open for all parents to attend as and when they wish.
  • There will be three meetings a year, one every big term from September 2022.
  • Agendas for each meeting will be circulated one week in advance by the Trust Governance Professional.


  • Any elected representative will serve a term of 4 years.
  • All elected and nominated representatives will adhere to the Nolan Principles of Public Office and safeguarding requirements.
  • Trustees may terminate the appointment of any whose presence or conduct is deemed not to be in the best interests of the Trust or the school.
  • A member may at any time resign their office by giving notice in writing to the Governance Professional of the Trust. The Principal will automatically cease to hold office if they cease to be associated with the Trust School in the capacity in which they were appointed or elected.
  • The membership of nominated members will be reviewed annually in September.


Communication & Role

All elected and nominated members will be able to access the Trust Governance Professional as required about any matter relating to the group.

An overview of each meeting will be on each school Families in Partnership web page and will be included in the Principals Newsletter.  All elected and nominated parents will have a pen portrait on the school Families in Partnership webpage. Members will be expected to be a voice of our parents and community but not the voice of the parents or community.  Moreover, the group is not a place for parents or individuals to discuss their child or an individual child. The group will focus on the school as a whole.

Our Families in Partnership Group

Hannah Rodgers – Principal

Hannah has ten years experience of working in education and joined the Trust in 2017 as Assistant Principal at Pineham Barns Primary School. She is a member of the Executive Team and is now the Principal of Buckton Fields Primary School, which opened in September 2021.

She has a passion for celebrating every child as an individual, children’s well-being and ensuring that her team provide an exceptional learning experience through the ethos of Fun, Creativity and Achievement.


Amanda Wilmott – Nominated

Amanda Wilmot is a Marketing and Communications Director with over 25 years experience in the commercial, local government, and independent school sectors. She has worked in South Africa, Germany, and the UK in a variety of roles, including as a Board Member of the South African Mercedes-Benz Financial Services organisation, a senior manager with a remote team situated in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, and other Senior Leadership Team positions.

A linguist by training, Amanda also completed a concurrent certificate of education while studying for her degree. Having gained experience working in the classroom with primary-aged children for a number of years – on both an employed and voluntary basis – and on the support staff teams in all-through schools, she has a deep understanding of the importance to schools of successful partnerships, and how these can benefit pupils, staff and parent stakeholders.

Accomplished in running business operations in the commercial, government, and education sectors in several settings, Amanda has implemented legal and governance frameworks, reviewed processes, and introduced procedural change within established and fledgling enterprises. She is a professional communicator with robust expertise in project management and brand development, fiscal management, analysis, and reporting.

Amanda has been involved in governance within the Preston Hedges Academy Trust since 2019 and is keen to contribute to the development of Buckton Fields Primary School. Amanda’s two children are both at university, and in her free time, she enjoys walking her dog, travelling, and the theatre.


Rachael Ball – Parent Elected

Rachael has run her own business since 2020, as a Domestic Energy Assessor. Working on behalf of home owners, landlords and estate agents to produce Energy Performance Certificates for domestic properties.
Prior to retraining as a Domestic Energy Assessor she had spent 15 years working in the Hospitality and events industry. Working both within the UK and abroad. Ranging from working for private stately homes such at Althorp House to MGM grand in Las Vegas.  Rachael is currently a Parish Councilor on the newly formed Kingsthorpe Parish Council. She became involved in this after heading up the save Kingsthorpe library campaign.

Steph Couzens – Parent Elected

Steph currently works at the University of Northampton and she will be training to become a secondary school teacher next year. She has a background of working in the NHS and in the hospitality sector. These job roles have helped her understand the importance of working in a team and to keep calm under pressure.   As well as her current job, Steph has experience of running her own business, having owned and solely run a successful baking business since early 2020.

Steph has been the Chair of Buckton Buddies, the PTA for Buckton Fields Primary School since October 2021. From this she has gained valuable insight into the primary school environment, become familiar with staff and parents and learnt the importance of working in partnership to enhance the children’s school experience. The PTA has had a fantastic first year and Steph is really keen to carry on with this role, as well as the new challenges with the role of Parent Representatives for Families in Partnership.
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