Geography Ambition

Buckton Fields Geography education begins locally before journeying to the most extreme locations on Earth to nurture a passion, curiosity and respect for the natural world and its residents; both human and animal.

In a world where human impact is increasingly influencing its future, our children enjoy lessons that inspire a positive, proactive attitude to caring for our planet as well as a desire to continue learning about its endless geographical wonders.

From EYFS, KS1 through to KS2, our children progressively develop their skills and knowledge, leaving primary school having experienced field studies and a variety topics that ensure they are ready to continue their learning at secondary level.

Geography Implementation

As a Trust, we have worked collaboratively to select topics that fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum whilst immersing the children in inspiring and fascinating geography to promote a love for the subject. Each year group topics allow the children to build on learning from previous years and ensure that they are developing their skills of geographical enquiry, whilst gaining a breadth of knowledge to help them understand the diversity of human and physical geography on Earth.

Children also participate in field studies that bring Geography to life and demonstrate the application of their skills and knowledge in the real world.

Our Geography curriculum is progressive and builds on prior learning right from Early Years. Children learn about Geography in their local area, within the UK, progressing onto Europe and the wider world.

Geography Impact

At Buckton Fields we aspire for our children to deepen their understanding of physical and human processes, their impact on the world and an appreciation for the importance of diverse landscapes and environment as they develop their geographical knowledge and skills of enquiry.


We ensure our children have an ecological awareness and are aware of the human impact on our planet. Through this, our children understand the importance of the positive impact their generation can have on the world to protect and preserve our beautiful planet. Through fun and creative lessons, we are preparing our children for the future and providing them with the knowledge and skills that inspire them to make a difference and lead future change.